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What I do

I capture moments in time and preserve those memories to share with others who were unable to be present. Whether a tranquil sunrise on an empty beach, or a keynote speaker at a conference, my shots serve as an extension of your eyes.

How I do it

I prefer to capture the “real” feeling of the moment instead of staged or posed imagery. To capture the moment as it actually happens, allows the pure feeling of that particular moment shine through. This type of photography allows the subject to act naturallty and not self conscience about having their photograph taken, as well as providing the viewer the sense of being there.

Lifestyle Photography

This category covers a diverse range of topics and subjects which I will continue to publish. Whether I’m capturing a surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding or motocross session, my images allow the viewer to feel as though they were there through a combination of natural effects such as setting, lighting and un-staged action.

Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is one of my greatest passions. No matter where I am, I constantly analyze my surroundings, trying to predict my next shot. I look for the clouds that will light up at sunrise or sunset, or the glassy lake that will reflect the heavens. Taking photographs from below sea level to the tops of mountains and everywhere in between is my passion.